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Brief : History of evolution of Kashmir

Brief : History of evolution of Kashmir

There are many stories on the evolution of the kashmir valley. The main prominent stories are the below two which .
In the first story -  
Mata Sharika (Goddess called by the name of Sharika) did her meditation here on the Rock Shilla named after Goddess Sharika who appeared in the form of Bird (Har kashmiri proverb)in order to Vanish the demons.
This is situated on the banks of famous dal lake were you can have the beautiful view of Dal lake from the temple fort.
Initially the whole of Kashmir was Sar (kashmiri proverb) that it was wholly surrounded by the water.
It was converted to its present form by the Kashyap Rishi who worshipped Goddess sharika in order to get it Converted to beautiful Kashmir Valley the real paradise on earth. Kashmir has inherited its name from the Kashyap Rishi who founded this beautiful valley. It is basically called Kashyap Bhumi. Kashmir is the land of great Saints & Rishi's. This Shilla (Rock) is the Epi center of energy which is always emitting the Positive energy to whole of Kashmir.

In the other story it is believed that

 According to legend, the Hari Parbat hill was once a huge lake inhabited by the demon Jalobhava. The inhabitants called on the goddess Parvati for help. She took the form of a bird and dropped a pebble on the demon’s head, which grew larger and larger until it crushed the demon. Hari Parbat is revered as that pebble, and is said to have become the home for all the gods of the Hindu pantheon.

Another version of the myth says that two demons, Tsand and Mond, occupied the fair valley. Tsand hid in the water near the present location of Hari Parbat and Mond somewhere above the present Dal Gate, and both terrorized the people of the valley. The gods invoked Parvati who assumed the form of a Hor (myna) and flew to Sumer, picked up a pebble in her beak, and threw it on the demon Tsand to crush him. The pebble grew into a mountain. Parvati is worshipped as Sharika in Shri Tsakra (an emblem of cosmic energy pervading the universe) occupying the middle part of the western slope of the hill. The hill is also called Predemna Peet.

On the birthday of Sharika Bhagwati, the devotees make a sacrificial offering of `Taher-charvan’ (Taher - rice boiled with turmeric powder and mixed with oil and salt; charvan - cooked liver of goat) to the goddess. This day is celebrated as Har Navum. 

Just when we believed we know everything about our history, cultures and traditions, 
There is some part of the history which is hidden and we only hear the adulterated stories from our parents . But dont you think there is something that the nature and valley, flowing rivers, tress known all the stories which we cannot even imagine.  

We will keep updating all that we have for Kashmiri Culture, Traditions rituals and spiritualism. Stay tuned to our website. 

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